Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by ZulfadlyAshBurn
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Just another day.

Did nothing useful today other than scrubbing my uniform and yeah LOL. Today was
a rather boring day luhr. Woke up like 12+ then helped my mum to cook fried chicken
then eat lor. Fried rice + fried chicken (Y) HEHE ^^ Anyway after that do the normal
house chores like sweep and then do the laundry lor. So sian right. My sister does
nothing at home. Go home, sleep/study/facebook/chat/call/sms then wake up stay in
her room for hours then go bath then go out. That's her lifestyle. So WTF right!
Then use the laptop for the whole as normal HEHE. Oh, that reminds me I have to do
elearning. Sian. I haven't touch a single one. Damn lazy can. Tomorrow confirm no
time to do cause 1+ i going out to a place (shall remain unknown as it's suppose
to be a secret for the sec 4 infocomm batch) for a farewell party. HAHA. I don't
feel like playing much cause I scared my left eye would get worst but it's much better
now. No more soft soft white eyes and the redness is almost gone. HAHA. Thanks God!
Oh, and chatted with belva. HAHA. Damn funny sia. She never fails to make me laugh
cause she always reminds me of her red checks when she laugh. Damn funny. No joke!
Then anyway, tweeted a lot today. K, maybe a little. But who cares. HAHA. I lost 2
followers :( sad life! Ouhr and @retwittings tweeted things which are true for me
as in for #IwishIhad tweets. So true for what I'm feeling :( LOL. I camwhored again
thanks to Aretha. Was waiting for her to reply to my dm then I decide to take a few
random pics :) HEHE. Sian. I've got a pimple outbreak :((( Why now?~
I saw the statistic for my blog view and quite a number of people view it. HAHA
Thanks for viewing it. But just don't talk about it in real life. Blog should
be something personal. But it's changed to publicly available thanks to the
internet nowadays. People tend to share their woes and that's how the slowly
overcome it. Sian! I really miss her sia. No joke. When I see the car which have
the same colour as her dad's car, I will automatically be reminded of her.
No point talking about it. Sometimes in her tweets, I wonder if she's talking
about me or some other guy or just randomly tweeting. But I don't have the rights
to question her now cause I'm nothing to her. But I shall wait. Patience is a virtue.
I miss my classmates somehow although they left me out in most occasions :(
Well, I know that I'm irritating at times, I mean all the time. But sorry.
I'll change. HAHA. Time to get matured and ready for my O lvl. HAHA
I should really change the song for my blog. It's kinda irritating playing the same
song when I preview the post. HAHA. Nothing else I guess other than these three photos :)
Anyway, have a HAPPY HOLIDAY :)

Wondering :)

What you staring at?!

No hope :(
waiting for you in that corner
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