Monday, March 12, 2012 by ZulfadlyAshBurn
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It's been so long since I last blogged. Was rather busy with school stuff and didn't
really felt like blogging. So anyway, many things past. Sabbatical was not so bad
after all. Boost our self confidence thanks to the talk. Stupid hidayat never come!
Then the school was rather quite other than the sec 1 playing piano and dancing.
Wanted to dance along but was too SHY. HAHA. Then time past. I miss everyone
especially her. LOL. But anyway, recently I kept on scratching my eyes cause it
was freaking itchy. Then today, I was scratching my left eye then suddenly got this
pain feeling. I went to look at the mirror then it was freaking red and the white part
is like soft soft one. Damn gross. Then my vision sort of narrowed. Wanted to go to
hospital but then found one 24h clinic at Yishun. So went there after prayers like about
8pm plus. It was near chong pang area. So took a bus there with my mum and bro. Went to the
doctor and register myself. I was 4 queues behind. It wasn't so long before my turn. The
Doctor is a male and he's like very cold. Come on then say "What happened?" with that not
happy feeling. Then I tell him my eyes itchy and bulging and swollen all and it's rather
pain, he took out his torchlight, point at my eyes, ask me look up and like 5 secs he say,
this one sore eyes. I was like?! DUDE, have you check properly?! Then he kept asking if I
needed MC. LIKE WTF?! I'm on holiday, don't you know that?! He never say anything other than
don't swim. LIKE... doesn't he have to say what precautionary measures to take if
something bad were to happen?! Anyway, asked him to give me flu tablets. Then when collecting
the medicines, the nurse gave me my antibiotic eye medicine and tell me what to do with it.
But she didn't give me my flu tablet. I was like, "where's my flu tablet" then she say
that's all. Then I say "I asked the doctor for a flu tablet" Then she say, you having flu
uhr? Like durh?! I'm like sneezing and having sniffing! The paid the bill and went for
dinner at chong pang area there. Had Nasi Ayam Penyet. Damn nice :) But the sambal not
that spicy :( Then went home and take medicine. Then tweet and fb and now I'm watching
Running Man thanks to Belva. HAHA. She told me about this drama game show and now I'm
like watching it before I go to sleep. Thanks Belva, it's in a good way not a bad way.
At least now I have something to do at night :) Oh and, Dannielle & Cass asked me if
I'm going for the CCA Farewell for the sec 4. One thing is that I'm rather lazy to travel
and I'm having sore eyes so I don't feel like staying out. But I think I'm going cause
staying at home sucks to the max. I'm bring my laptop DEFINITELY as I can't play with the
sea water thanks to my eye T.T

Anyway, I saw HER tweets. There's this particular tweet that she retweeted which kind of
hurt me but I have to realise that she's over me. I'm trying my best to forget her but
you know. Since sec 3, I don't usually change target like sec 1 and sec 2. I only like
go for one and stay like for a long time and get hurt ALL the time. I don't know luhr.
I just hate playing this game called LOVE. Didn't know it's so hard to win someone's heart.
It's like no matter how hard I try, I always lose out to some other guy. Let me say this,
I may not be the best guy for every girl BUT certainly, I'll be the best for you. So,
waiting for one day where everything would just be right for me. Don't know how that
would happen, but I pray for the best !

Anyway, here are some pictures I camwhored :) IT'S SO FUN TO ZILIAN :p

Upside down specs :)

Before editing

After editing :)

So, I guess that's all for the night :)

With Love
waiting for you in that corner
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