Sunday, April 1, 2012 by ZulfadlyAshBurn
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Speech Day is coming.

I just have to rant when I heard from my cca mates that ATC would be managing every aspects for Speech Day 2012. MAN! This sucks. It's like they are stealing our job. It's been a tradition that Infocomm Club would be the ones managing the sound and lighting for Speech Day. You see, I'm not trying to say that ATC sucks or anything but we should be equal for they are doing the drama and we doing the technical end. If ATC is to screw up any of the technical part, it would look bad on both Infocomm and ATC as they cant act as according to plan and Infocomm's reputation would be diminished. Whereas if Infocomm would be the ones managing it, it would be smooth as a real theatre show. It would look good both on ATC & Infocomm. Again, I'm not shooting down ATC but doing the technical side has always been a job for Infocomm. Speech Day is like where we get to showcase our smooth technical expertise. I just hope that what I'm hearing are rumours and Infocomm would be the one managing the technical end.

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