Tuesday, July 31, 2012 by ZulfadlyAshBurn
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Changed my skin :D

LOL, finally found a new nice skin and changed it. Change some of the colours. HAHA. Looks pretty neat :D I love the look now. Anyway, today was super fun! Went for cca after studying chem... I dunno how to do sia. LOL Went PA and see them suffer, LOL. gahh. damn cute sia my juniors esp jun bin. AHHA. I feel gay and pedo. LOL. who cares. She's there too. Awkward at first but then okay luh. Still talked and stuffs. Like finally able to see her in one piece. HAHA. LOL as in, usually see the face or glance only. LOL. I guess that's all. Goodnight & Sweetdreams :D
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